no maintenance, weed free driveway & patio alternative

We only use Stencil-Tech's products which are manufactured to an uncompromising standard unmatched by anyone in the decorative concrete industry. Only the very best oxide pigments available are used to provide UV fade free colours that will stand the test of time in any environment.
The stencils are made from the very best high tensile polymer coated board that has no rival in its class for quality and strength. All polymers and finish sealers are designed and manufactured to tried and tested formulas that are unsurpassed in strength and wear qualities.
Stencil-Tech are the original manufacturers of stencil decorative products in Europe that are used by architects and designers around the globe to obtain a quality and pleasing result for their projects every time. The featured test was carried out by CERAM Building Technology. The test proves that the Stencil-Tech wetcast and spray on system Lives up to its well deserved British Standard of certification.

 High quality disposable stencil is used for creating different decorative effects.

Stencilled concrete is very similar to stamped concrete. The important difference is that this process utilizes disposable paper stencils to impart the pattern instead of rubber mats. Stencils for concrete come in a wide array of patterns. Because the stencils mask off the underlying surface, they leave behind realistic “mortar joints” the colour of the gray concrete base.

By applying a dry-shake color hardener to the exposed concrete before stencil removal, you’ll get the appearance of individual stones, tiles or bricks that have been mortared together. After the concrete sets sufficiently, the crack control joints are saw cut, and the slab is cleaned and sealed.

Stencilled concrete looks fabulous as a driveway and it is also commonly found in pool decks, patios, entrance ways, courtyards and footpaths.

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