Chip Sealing over existing tarmac is a pavement preservation technique and only works over the top of tarmac surface in good condition. It combines base preparation, liquid tar layers and cover aggregate to provide a durable, skid resistant surface. Liquid tar over existing tarmac renews aging surfaces, water proofs the pavement and seals existing cracks.


Chip Seals are suitable for many types of roads including rural roadways, high traffic roads. These roads should be well graded and properly drained. Chip Seals are ideal for aging pavements that you want to preserve.

Tar and chip Paving is ideal for driveways, rural roads and parking lots. We apply multiple layers of liquid tar and aggregates after preparing the base with fine grading or complete reconstruction of sub-base. 

This pavement is more flexible than tarmac and won't crack. It is also virtually maintenance free.

We have gold pea shingle, red granite stone or grey limestone.


Tar and chip Pavements are very durable surface and is more practical than tarmac. These pavements have a beautiful natural appearance, can be resurfaced at a fraction of the price of resurfacing tarmac and with slg paving and patios formula will have incredible longevity.


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Tar and chip is a proprietary process that allows us to build a driveway that has a smoother surface like tarmac at a better price. 


After preparing the base with an excavation, clean fill, compaction and fine grade, we apply up to three layers of liquid asphalt and aggregates with proprietary additives.